A star is born!

This week, Chef Javier + the Spanglish Eats team were hard at work (plus a little fun) completing his submission for Jamie Oliver’s production company new reality show COOKS ADVENTURE. They’re casting chefs/cooks who want to hustle their way from LA to NYC trading their culinary skills for survival. If you know Chef Javier – you know how perfect he is for this challenge aside from the fact that his personality was born for TV!!

We had a great time prepping the kitchen, shooting the video, and then finally eating the scrumptious hanger steak and scallops with achiote rice Chef Javier cooked. A special shout out to Inga Intriago for her marketing expertise, Johnny Versace Jimenez for his camera talent, and Brandon Gatti for his enthusiastic appetite!

Check out some of the photos below from the shoot and stay tuned for the video!

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2 thoughts on “A star is born!”

  1. I am STILL drooling over that meal!!! OMG, Chef Javier is great!!! Thanks so much for having us, great time!!! Next, RIB-EYE steak dinner 🙂

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