Empanadas? Si, por favor!

Chef Javier grew up eating empanadas in Queens, NYC on his way to and from school and at family gatherings.  And when Javier moved to San Diego in 2006 he had a hard time finding his beloved empanada – so he just started making his own. And the rest is history. Now you can get Javier’s empanadas in San Diego anytime!! Check out some enticing photos below of some of his empanadas currently on the menu and follow us on Facebook to see what today’s special is and where to find us: www.facebook.com/SpanglishEats.

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2 thoughts on “Empanadas? Si, por favor!”

  1. Hi, I met you and your wife today at your meeting with Allison. Your food looks delicious. I can’t wait to get to try it!


  2. HMMM I know the taste of the empanadas.. YEAH BABY….. YOUR CUZ MICHELLE FROM MIAMI

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